our family member The late Bishop Cardinal Aminifu Waganga (Woodrow Smith Jr.)   ,parents was Woodrow and Willie Bell Lee Smith, Woodrow parents was, Henry and Edna Jones Howard Smith, Edna parents was ,Edmond and Peggy Jackson Jones ,they are Woodrow Smith Jr.geat grandparents
About our family member The late Bishop Cardinal Aminifu Waganga (Woodrow Smith Jr.)  
About our family member The late Bishop Cardinal Aminifu Waganga (Woodrow Smith Jr.)  
                 our family member PFC George Davis Jr.

This picture is  The Wearth 11 Army Presentation of Medals For;
 PFC. George Davis, Jr. April 18, 1998 at Holy Tabernacle Church in Detroit, MI   : Son Of (George Davis Sr)  and First wife 'Bird Bolden'-(Jennie Bolden) ,::PFC. George Davis, Jr. is Great-Granson to Mama-Laura : Laura Annie Jones-Davis-Laura ,parents Edmond and Peggy Jackson Jones, they are George Jr. gggrandparents
the Massecure at Werth, Belguim.

About our family member ,Former Mayor John H. Smith was feature in the Jet Magazine ,on May 18,1987  ,Mayor  John H. Smith ,parents was Woodrow and Willie Bell Lee Smith, Woodrow parents was, Henry and Edna Jones Howard Smith, Edna parents was ,Edmond and Peggy Jackson Jones ,they are John H.Smith geat grandparents


    Former Mayor John H. Smith, Prichard, AL 1980-1988

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    four black mayors

  • Jet - ‎Vol. 66, No. 24 - ‎Magazine -Full view
    POLITICS Four Black Alabama Mayors Elected; Major Loses In Selma Race In recent Alabama elections, three towns ... In Prichard, a city of 40,000 residents, Mayor John H. Smith, a Republican, defeated a White Democratic candidate by a ...


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Our delegation is aware of the shoulders in which we stand upon. The late former Mayor of the City of. Prichard, Alabama, John H. Smith Laid the first building.

 About our family member former Mayor John H. Smith

John Henry Smith - age 59 and former Mayor of the City of Prichard, Alabama , made his last touchdown on Saturday, September 30, 2006.  He was born in Desoto, Mississippi to the late Woodrow Smith and Willie Bell Smith.  He Graduated from Mattie T. Blount High School in 1965.  He was an outstanding athlete serving as Captain of the football team.  He was known affectionately as "Smitty".  He attended Eastern Arizona College in Thatcher, Arizona on a football scholarship.  In 1967, he was joined in marriage to his high school sweetheart-Dr. Barbara Wheat.  He transferred to the University of Wisconsin, where he became an outstanding football player.  He graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Physical education in 1970 and Master of Arts Degree in Counseling in 1974.

Among John's major career and educational accomplishments are his contributions to the Environmental Human Rights Movement, of which he was the founder of the Ethnic Science field in the United States  He was drafted as a free agent with the Philadelphia Eagles and later played semi-pro football for the Madison Mustangs.  While at Wisconsin, John became a Counselor with the Academic Advance Program.  In this capacity, he worked to  help minority students to be academically successful.  He was a student leader and  was actively  involved in the establishment of the Afro American Center.  He was also recognized in an article published by the University of Wisconsin Athletic Department.  John earned the title "peace Man" for negotiating the student unrest during the closure of the Afro American Center.  In addition John worked at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Campus as Executive Director of the Multicultural Center.

John's love for the City of Prichard would bring him home many times sharing his talent and time to work with the late Senator Michael Figures as a Design Advocate on several projects, including the Africa town Cochran Bridge.  He joined with Mr. Henry C. Williams and the Progressive League in establishing the Africa town USA project.  These events became turning points in his life.  In 1980, John decided to go into politics and ran for Mayor of Prichard.  John and the First Lady-Dr. Barbara Wheat(Smith)-served the City of Prichard from 1980-1989.  During his tenure as Mayor,  he developed a vision for the City of Prichard.  That vision began with the 'Think Prichard Campaign"- John's concept of "an awakening of the citizens once at sleep concerning the future of the City as a place to live, work, and shop."  The campaign was established to bring about an increased regional awareness and appreciation for the cultural, historic, geographic, and investment value of the City of Prichard.  He stated that "each city must produce for itself a character and reputation by which it is known."  John perceived that the economic recovery of Prichard was connected with  the historical significance of the last known slave ship to land in the United States.  He was driven by a desire to develop a relationship with the people of Benin,  West Africa, from where the last slave ship sailed and arrived to what is now known as Africa town.  He traveled tirelessly from Washington to Africa, telling his story to anyone who would listen.  His dream was to develop Africa town as a historical tourist area.  The dream would take him to Africa many times-heading business delegation to Benin, Cameroon, Senegal, Nigeria, and Guyana.  He was successful in getting Africa town on the National Registry of Historical places.  He created the Africa town Folk Festival-bringing a delegation of over twenty-eight African ambassadors, entertainment talent from all over the country, and the largest delegation ever to come to this country from Benin. 

John served as the President of the Alabama Conference of Black Mayors,  National Conference of Black Mayors, Secretary General of the World Conference of Mayors, and Vice president of the National Republican Mayors.  He was the first elected Black Republican Mayor in the South.  President Reagan called upon John to represent him during the independence celebrations in Rwanda, the United Nations, and Puerto Rico.  Up until his death, John was actively pursuing his dream.  He was torn between his two loves-Prichard and Benin.  He convened a delegation comprised of representatives from around the country and Africa.  The Alabama-Benin Forum was established to create economic, cultural, and wealth opportunities and partnerships with businesses between Alabama and Benin.  John worked with State Representative Bill Clark to pass the Foreign Trade Act that created a foreign trade zone.

God did not let Moses cross over into the "Promised Land."  He took him to the top of the hill and let him survey what he would give to his descendants.  God showed John the "promised Land" through John's many ideas and vision.  But he did not let John cross over into that land.  It shall be John's descendants who shall cross over into the "promised Land," bringing to fruition the vision John had for a better world. 

From his union with Dr.wheat, four children were born who also shared his love for sports.  His oldest son Daryl was a track star and like his father had a love for writing.  He followed in his foot steps to Wisconsin, where he earned a Master of arts Degree in Journalism.  Yuri played high school football, basketball, and wrestling.  He earned  an associate Degree in Electronic Engineering from Southeastern College of Technology.  His daughter Afra was an all-City and all-State track star and outstanding basketball player.  She was a member of the United States girl's basketball team.  She went to Bowling Green University of Ohio on a Women's Basketball scholarship.  Afra recently completed a Master of Business Administration in Health Care Management from the University of Phoenix.  Mastaki had an outstanding high school football career.  He is a senior star player for the University of Alabama-Birmingham and wears his father's jersey number 41.  He is on the Dick Butkus Watch Award List. 

John leaves to cherish his memories,  six children: Daryl Smith of Washington, D.C. Yuri (Lakeisha) Smith and Afra Smith of Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Mastaki Smith of Birmingham, Alabama;  From the union with Darlene Mosley Smith- Akoua and John  

Ganvie Smith of Theodore, Alabama ; his mother, Willie Bell Lee Smith of Carson, California; five siblings-Willie Smith, Tommie(Gloria) Smith, and Nathaniel Smith of Mobile , Alabama , Mary Lee (Sam) Carey and Calvin Smith of Carson, California, And Three grandchildren- Jamar and Jamarian Smith of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Jordan Smith of Birmingham, Alabama; devoted niece, Cheryl Wormsby of Brooklyn, New York and one goddaughter, Jacqueline Willis of Washington, D.C; and friends, one special Diane Cameron.  He will forever be remembered as a Man of Vision.  




 sheriff James Flaniggan was feature in the Ebony magazine,on Aug 1971, he is on the left, our cousin  Annie Bell St. Aubin Davis married James Flaniggan, Annie parents was Lawyer and Rosie B. Windom St. Aubin Davis, Lawyer parents was John and Laura Annie Jones St.Aubin Davis, Laura parents was Edmond and Peggy Jackson Jones. they are Annie's ggrandparents
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