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Posted on the 2019-09-11 at 20:00
Hello,  Can Someone please contact me via email. I have questions about 2020. 
Kiesha Deago
Posted on the 2018-10-14 at 20:00
Hello everyone!

I am trying to find my family connection. My great grandmother was Viola Louise Davis  and  my great grandmother was Nannie Fitch. I have done a DNA test I am uploaded on GEDMATCH  
karen Marconi
Posted on the 2015-12-06 at 19:00
Thank you for allowing me in to try to find my ancestors.
Samantha Smith
Posted on the 2014-01-01 at 19:00
Hello ,  my name is Sam, I have really enjoyed this site . It have a lot of family history and black history. This site have really inligthen me about family and history. Iwould like to say to who ever created this site, beautiful job.  Samantha Smith
Liv Taylor-Harris
Posted on the 2013-12-31 at 19:00
Dear Family, I  was surfing the world wide web when I came upon your EXCELLENT Family website. I am wishing all of the family represented here a Blessed and Happy New Year! Warmest Regards, Liv
Posted on the 2013-10-02 at 20:00
Awesome site. I was looking up my great-grandmother Lillie Mae Byrd. My grand father was her son Joseph Blanton, who is my mother's father. Feel free to get in touch.
Tracie Lucas
Posted on the 2013-10-02 at 20:00

Heeeeeeeeey sis jackie the pics,wedding,family history is awesome keep up the awesome footage and keeping up with you linage. love you!!!!!!!!

B Bolton
Posted on the 2013-06-02 at 20:00
Absolutley love your site, I have created one as well for our family and we will have our first  family reunion to be held in Meridian Ms July 26-28. I also note that your relatives, lived near my great great grandfather Elias Ruffin (yes the grandfather of the famous Ruffin brothers David and Jimmy) "Pappa Elias" was born in 1864 and lived in Hurricane Creek, Lauderdale Ms. What a coincidence. God bless you all and your family.
Cecil LaMar
Posted on the 2012-06-17 at 20:00
This is a very nice family web page. There is a wealth of family history and black history contained within. Kudos to the Web Masters. I thoroughly enjoyed it!!