Memory Saying


Memory saying's about Edmond and Peggy Jackson Jones descendants. Please add your own memory saying's, you can email us. just go to contact us, on the left side of the page. Robert Lee Jones Sr. was little when he was a boy. Alway's at dinner time some one would say, don't forget about the little boy, so that he would not be left out. that's how uncle Robert got the nick name boy, because it was 13 children including him. After papa Joe and big mama Annie got there food, the chilldren would get there's. when Kim, Teresa and Donald was little, they was in the house along, a bloodie man came in, they ran and jump in the tub and landed on each other. They were screeming so loud, Aunt Emma who lived right a cross came and beat the man out the house with a rolling pen. Teresa was helping cousin Retha clean when she was a little girl, Retha said if you help me clean I will buy you some cashews, Teresa work so hard cleaning. Teresa and Retha road the bus to Montgomery Wards. she was happy she thought she was getting shoes,when Retha and her got to the peanut counter, Teresa was disappionted. Every Christmas Regina would give Christmas gifts to everybody, Holly had a pair of shoes that she had not seen for very long time. This one Christmas, Regina gave gifts to every one. she wrap up the shoes Holly was missing and gave them to her as a gift, the other kids knew they laughed and later they told Holly. At the family reunion Cousin Elijah talk's about ggrandpa Mack, we watched how his eyes light up when talking, he said that he was big and tall. He remember watching him make him a little wagon, he also talked about other things. Felecia says there were great memorie sayings made at granddaddy TK house."i'llstomp your neck", Hiwena says I can remember my grandmother Mamie Jones Nelson, great grandmother Annie L. Fitch Jones and great great grand mother Sally Portis Fitch. I lived with papa Joe and big mama Annie, he was a Pastor. we did not ride in a car to church, it was a wagon, that was the best. great grandmother Annie was a mid-wife, and she cooked on weekends. Emma Jean was making a cake for the church bake sale, she had been fussing at her younger cousins about that cake. That they was not going to get any of that cake, she had been fussing all day about that cake. on Sunday they all were preparing to go to church, Emma Jean was on her way out and her younger cousins was behind her, Kim and Teresa, and as Emma Jean was walking, her heel got caught in the creases of the side walk. She fell and most of the cake flew. Kim and Teresa dived at that cake, she said ya'll better leave that cake alone. She got up and picked up the plate which had most of the cake on it, and went on to church. we attended a church in the nieghbor hood that the Pastor was a lady by the name of Mrs. Dawson. Robert Lee Jones Jr. remember that papa Joe had a mule name Frank, Frank only worked from morning to noon. When noon time came, Frank would quit. They would be screeming and fussing and he would not move. Robert Lee Jr. remmeber, one Saturday Frank died and big mama Annie said their goes the last of Joe. Gail remember her mother saying when her and her siblings was younger, that when Preachers came to town, They stayed at there house. papa Joe and big mama Annie, they had a room just for the Preachers to stay in, call the brass room. Cousin Jean aunt Lucille daughter remember when big mama Annie held her, she was 6yrs. old when big mama past. Jean say she remember papa Joe and big mama Annie's house, because she was born in that house. They had all the apples, pears, and juicy fruit, that was great back in those days, They had a candy store. Hiwena says that she was bless to spend time with  great-great-grandmother Sally portis fitch, the last  memory at her and her  twin Howard 5th birthday. great-grandparents Joseph and Annie Fitch Jones, every summer at family reunion in Mississippi. 1959 and spending the summer with them, and spenting time with our  grandparents and family. Back in 1976- late 80's, thank God for the history. Hiwena say that grandmama Annie was also a cook, fried fish on friday and was a  Entrepreneur.