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Black slaves harvesting sugar cane on a slave plantation in South Carolina.
House of Slaves, Senegal: The House of Slaves on Goree Island in Dakar, Senegal now stands as a memorial to the Atlantic Slave Trade. For many years, it housed slaves before they were loaded onto ships bound for the Americas.
Hello, my name is Jacqueline Wallace, can you help me with the search for my great uncle, Henry W. Smith b. 1879 Mississippi, I am trying to find his parents and siblings. I don't know his parent's names, The census say both parents b. Mississippi. The only census I found was 1920,1930,1940, it was with his wife Edna Jones Smith and children. In Toomsuba, Mississippi. can you help me or give me tips on how to search for them. I would be most grateful, Thank you Ms. Wallace
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Hello Jacqueline! In doing a quick search just looking up Black men with the last name of Smith in Hurricane Creek (I sorted it so that it would only select Lauderdale County), the e...
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Also, sometimes the parents' birthplaces will vary from census to census because, either they didn't know themselves or the children didn't know, or the censustaker didn't care to take ...
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OK, just did some additional searching and found ANOTHER Henry Smith born in 1879 in Hurricane Creek! http://search.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/sse.dll?db=1880usfedcen&indiv=try&h=41220815
His parents are named Sidney and Sallie. This one might be your Henry because I searched for a nearby neighbor in the 1920 census named Richmond Ramsey and found him living nearby in 1880. This isn't proof that it's him, but I think you can narrow it down to either of the two I gave you. Also, I did find a draft registration for Henry Washington Smith in 1917 and his wife's name was Edna, so that is your great-uncle for sure.
Hope this gives you a little more to go on! Let me know if I can be of further help. I enjoy doing this! :-)
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Thank you Thank you, so much for this information. yes, you gave me a little Hope. Jacqueline Wallace
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Glad to help! :-)
Edna Jones Howard Smith
Edna Jones Howard Smith, Edna is the tenth child of Edmond and Peggy Jackson Jones, who was born in slavery. she married first James (Jim) Howard later married Henry Washington Smith, Henry's U.S. World War Idraft registration in 1917 in Toomsuba Miss.
John and Lillie M. Howard Blanton Byrd, Lillie is the daughter of James Howard and Edna Jones Howard Smith.
                 Howard Smith children
- top-Normam, left- Beatrice, right- Lillie M.
Henry L. Smith, and John Byrd, Henry L. is on the left , Henry L. son of Henry W.and Edna Howard Smith .
 Beatrice Smith Pringle Lamar husband Allen Lamar
Joesph Jr. and Cora Blanton, Joesph Jr. son of  Joesph Sr. and Lillie M. Howard Blanton Byrd
Woodrow Sr. and wife Willie Bell Lee Smith, Woodrow Sr. son of Henry W. and Edna Jones Howard Smith.
Nettie Lee Jones,with mother Sebell Nelson Lee who is sitting and sister Willie Bell Lee Smith who is standing on the right