Spiritual Life

Jones family was a devout Baptist family from generation to generation, some are still baptist. In the 1960's the word of God would become stronger and more powerful in our families and generations to come. By accepting Jesus Christ as our personal saviour and submitting to the the word of God according to Acts 2:38, Annie Lee and Edna Mae the children of Joesph and Annie L. Fitch Jones, were baptize in the name of Jesus Christ, under the leadership of Elder O.G. Hayes of Inkster, Michigan.

 soon after they received God's spirit which is the Holy Ghost, Coming from a devout baptist family, that was a hard choice because of their parents and family, preaching baptist all the time. but they never heard about being baptized in Jesus name and the Holy Ghost until now.

Annie Lee and Edna Mae would live what they preach and pray and preach the word of God. that spirit of the holy ghost and being baptize was pass on to the father and mother, which cause the family to recevied the promise and to walk in the perfect will of God.

Today in 2020, God is doing a great work in the Jones generations he has bless our generational families to be saved and to have pastors in the family as we know the late Bishop Cardinal Aminifu Waganga (Woodrow Smith Jr.), Pastor Teresa Wallace-Moton who is the pastor of Greater Works Deliverance Ministries who can be seen on, youtube.com/pastorteresaamoton.

We also Have Pastor Robert Lee Jones Jr. who is the pastor of Universal church of God in Action and Senior Pastor Gary Johnson who is Pastor of Empowered church and Pastor Willie Lee Harrison who is the Pastor of Mt.Zion.

some of these pastors in the family has Deliverance Minstries. they all  have been a blessing to their communities. Their are more teachers and preachers and family members being used by God, God's promise is still fulfilling it self.
In Memory of The late Pastor Vera A. Dawson, Pastor Vera A., who was a Pastor to some of our family members in the 1960s.

In Memory of The late Rev. A.B. Searcy, who was a Pastor to some of our family members in the 1970s.


In Memory of The Late Bishop David Lee Ellis,who impact our family lives.who was some of our family members spiritual father.
Bishop Gary Harper ,who impacted our family lives ,who was a spiritual father to some of our family members.