Past Reunions

Past Family Reunions
1976 Birmingham, Alabama, 1978 Detroit, Michigan, 1980 Van Nuys, California, 1982 Kansas city, Kansas, 1984 Meridan, Mississippi, 1986 Detroit, Michigan, 1988 Nashville, Tenn, 1990 no Family Reunion, 1992 Meridan, Mississippi, 1994 Atlanta Georgia, 1996 Van Nuys, California, 1998 New York, New York, 2000 Birmingham, Alabama, 2002 Orlando, Florida, 2004 Meridan, Mississippi, 2006 Houston, Texas, 2008 Detroit, Michigan, 2010 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, 2012 Las Vegas, Nevada, 2014 New Orleans, LA, 2016 Chicago IL., 2018 Atlanta Georgia, 2020 No Family Reunion.
 1976 Birmingham, Alabama, This is all of our Papa Rev. Joseph & Big mama Annie L. Fitch Jones Children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.
Jones children and their spouses,first couple starting from the left ,top Johnny, bottom his wife Anna Ruth Pringle Jones,top Maycee ,his wife bottom Edna Mae Jones Lang,top Mack,bottom his wife Nettie Lee Jones ,top Robert Lee Sr.,bottom his wife Lou Ella McElroy Jones ,top David ,bottom his wife Annie Lee Jones Lofton ,top T.K.,bottom his wife Mamie Jones Nelson 
     1976 Birmingham, Alabama
1980 California,
Joseph and Annie Fitch Jones , children and their spouses ,their children names were,Mamie ,Joesph C Jr.,Mack C,Emma Lou,Sally Mae,Susie Bell,Johnny Mae,Johnny,Robert Lee,Esther D,Annie Lee,Lucille,Edna Mae
1980 California
1980 California             Mamie, Jacqueline Searcy, Edna, Annie
1980 California            Arelettia, Donald, Rick Sr., Tim, Holly
1980 California
1980 California  Edna, Lucille, Annie, Annie Ruth and Johnny Jones
1982 Kansas
 1984 Meridan, Mississippi
1986 Detroit,Mi
1988 Tenn.                                                                                
Meridan Mississippi
1994 Atlanta
2000 Alabama
 2002 Orlando Florida
Meridan Mississippi 2004
2008 Detroit,Mi

International Underground Railroad Memorial- in  Detroit

The Workers' Monument-in Detroit

The Joe Louis "Black Fist" statue-in Detroit

  Comerica Park........ The Detroit Tigers' stadium

Detroit, Mi
Detroit, Mi
Detroit International Riverfront

Detroit International Riverfront

2010 South Carolina

2012 Las Vegas ,N.V.
Sam, Rae, Sasacha   
Brother boy
a part of Gail standing , sitting , Holly, Brother boy, Kenny, and a part of Sam standing
The Golden Nugget worth millions
 The Golden Nugget hotel
The Golden Nugget hotel
 The Golden Nugget hotel
Inside of The Venetian hotel  
The Paris hotel  
men in the family received tickets to the boxing match, at the Palms in Las Vegas , from cousin Cash Jones   
Cash and Alphonso 
Holmes and Bertrand 
Holmes and Kenny 
Holmes and Donald
The day of the dinner, Harold, Bertrand, Alphonso
Pastor Robert Lee and Alphonso 
Allen Jr. and his sister Diana
Jones Smith Davis family reunion New Orleans LA. 2014
Chicago  2014
Rick Sr. and Joyce Jones Chapman, Joyce daughter of Robert Sr. and LouElla McElroy Jones
Lil- Brea Lewis, daughter of Thurman Jr. and Lashanda Lewis, granddaughter of Thurman Sr. and Rosie Harrison Lewis
Willie Gene and Billie Jean Wallace Newsome, Johnny and Shandella Wallace Myles, Shandella is the daughter of Willie Gene and Billie Jean Wallace Newsome. Billie Jean is the daughter of Jake and Esther D. Jones Wallace
Thurman Sr. and Rosie Harrison Lewis and grandchildren, Rosie is the daughter of Lee and Susie Bell Jones Harrison

Thurman Jr. and Lashanda Lewis with their children, Thurman Jr. is the son of Thurman Sr. and Rosie Harrison Lewis Thurman Jr. and Lashanda Lewis with their children, Thurman Jr. is the son of Thurman Sr. and Rosie Harrison Lewis
2016 family reunion Chicago 
Chicago 2016