Family Lineage

"We today stand on the shoulders of our predecessors, who have gone before us. We as their successors must catch the torch of freedom and liberty, passed on to us by our ancestors ,we cannot lose this battle."Benjamin E.Mays"

Lineage-European, Jewish, Cherokee, Jamaican, African American. Our Ancestors, thank you God for Edmond and Peggy Jackson Jones,who were born into Slavery,they were very strong and God fearing people coming from Slavery. They did not know much about Education, but they did the best they could. When it came time to teaching there children with the knowledge they had, along with a little school help. they also taught their children to be strong, God fearing upstanding Christians.

Thank you God, for the gift of our family. Be with us in our good times and bad times and in our struggles. Help us be always conscious of the love we have for each other, especially as we reflect on the many blessings you have given us. give us the strength to grow in you God, to live a holy life before you. We ask this in the name of Jesus Amen! surnames- Jones  St.Aubin Davis Brown Washington Bates  Howard Smith

  Eleven Generations     - Edmond Jones
Birth  October 1834 in Virginia, USA
Death in Alabama, USA
Peggy Jackson
Birth 1842 in Alabama, USA
Death abt 1942 in Alabama, USA
Their ten Children



Edmond and Peggy Jackson Jones

Children: Laura, Mattie, Wyatta, Louisa, Emma, Edmond Jr., Joseph C., John, Isabella, Edna 

Laura Annie Jones born 1865 in Sumter, Alabama,  married Jean Pierre Saint Aubin/name change to John Davis ,  at the Age of  18 on the  7 of Feb 1884 in  Sumter County, Alabama, USA
  their children are Polly, Vandora, James(Jim),  George  Albert(Ace), Lawyer, Looramber
Vandora Saint Aubin/Davis born 1884 Alabama,  married Dan Bolden, their children are Cleveland, Isaiah K., Laura, Marylue, Pollie, Vera,  Jack known as (Ben), Dan Jr., Leitha, later married Henry Olley Oliver
 Isaiah Bolden married Minnie Brown, their children are Linda Marie, Isaiah Jr., Vera Jean, Terrie Lynn, Kenneth Leon, Jerome Edward 

Pollie Belle Bolden, married unknown Smith and later married Willie Hutchinson, her child is Rhodea Taylor

Laura Bolden b.1918-d..1991 first married husband was Willie Arthur Taylor, they had one daughter Minnie Lee Taylor. 2nd husband was John Oscar Gillon 1872-1954
, their children are Oscar, Gwendolyn, Vandora, Berenice, Harold, John,  Laura Bolden later married Clinton Jackson of Anniston, Alabama .d.1992
Oscar Gillion , married Olivia Clanton, their children are Oscar, Xaivier, Felicia
Gwendolyn Gillion married Lee Ozanne their child is Ismael Ozanne
Ismael Ozanne married Stacy Nickles their children are Mia Francis and Shiloh Rose Ozanne
MaryLue Bolden, married Edward Dudley Sr. their children are Edward Jr., Daniel

George SaintAubin/Davis Sr. born Nov 1888 in alabama,married Jenie (Bird )Bolden, their child was George Saint Aubin/Davis Jr., later married Ola Mae, children are, Bobby, Gracie, James

Lawyer Saint Aubin/Davis born in 1895 in Alabama, married  Rosie Bell Windom ,their children are Alberta, Fred, Helen,  Horace,  Lawyer Jr., Madelyn, Rosie, Sally, Nezer, John, Annamary,  Pearly, Annie Bell

Annie Bell Saint Aubin/Davis married James Fannigan Sr., their children are  James Jr., Rosevelt, Arthur

John Saint Aubin/ Davis Jr. born on the  17 OF Feb1928 in Allison, Jackson, Alabama,USA married  Ruthie Cooks, their child is Linda R Davis.

Looramber Saint Aubin/Davis born Oct 1897 Alabama married unknown Busby their child is Frankie Bugby, later married Charlie Crowder,  alslo Looramber child is Annie Mae known as ( Baby Doll)

Annie Mae (Baby Doll) b. Jan 5, 1917 died June 14, 2005 married Johnny Johnson, also Annie Mae children are Ella Mae, Inez, Joseph, Walter
Inez  married Jimmie Lewis Thomas

Frankie Busby McRae, children are Irene  Milton Busby

Irene Busby married first Edmond Jefferson, their child is Asalean, Current husband Richard Cuffie

Asalean Jefferson married Andrew Madison Jr., their children are Andrew III, Stephanie Ann

Milton Bugby married Maggie Mae Maxwell , their children are Milton Jr., Donovan, Marvin, Melvin

Mattie Jones born 1868 in Sumter, Alabama
  married George brown                                                    

Wyatta Jones born 1870

Lousia Jones born 1872 in Sumter, Alabama ,married Wallace Washington, their children are Isaac "Isic", Luvenia, Lawyer W., Arlillian

​ArlillianWashington b. 1903 Alabama, she married Henry Maye, their daughter is Helen.

Emma Jones born 1874 in Sumter, Alabama, at age 19 married Washington Bates May 5, 1893, their child  is William Bates  born 1911 in Alabama. Emma Death June 9, 1951 Anniston , Calhoun,Alabama

Edmond Jones Jr. born 1877 in Sumter County, Alabama, USA


Joseph Clear Jones born in1879 Alabama, married first wife unknown spouse they had 3 children their names are unknown. his second wife Annie L. Fitch, their children are Mamie Joseph C. Jr.. Mack Emma Lou Susie Bell 

Sally Mae Johnny Mae Johnny Robert Lee Esther D. Annie Lee Lucille Edna Mae


Mamie Jones born 1911 Mississippi,married Teka Nelson, their children are Doris Margerie Thomas Leo

Doris Nelson born Alabama, married Adonis Jenkins Sr., their children are Adonis Jr. Carl Anntassha Adolphus Leon Cynthia Arthur

Margerie Nelson born in Alabama, married Clearance Perryman ,/ also Margerie children are Clara Hiwena Howard Micheal Andra Evan Levertis Denise

Thomas Nelson born in Alabama, married Charlie M. Rogers, their children are Kenny Feliscia Danith / also Thomas children are Thomas and Leon Harris


Leo Nelson born in Alabama, children are Leo Jr. Maquiase Felicia  James Nelson

Joesph clear Jones Jr. born 1913 Mississippi  he married Elnora Battle, Joseph  Mississippi Death St. Louis, Mo. wife death 23 Jul 1989 Warrensville Heights  Ohio



Mack Jones born1914 Mississippi, married Nettie Lee, their children are Allen L.,Rosalyn, Harold



Rosalyn Jones Robinson,  children are Calandra Alisa Catrecia Robinson


Emma Lou Jones born in 1916 Mississippi,married Isom Horn, their children are Elijah Albert lee EmmaJean Retha Bessie

Elijah Horn born Alabama, married Tina McConnell, their children are Sherri Rhonda Darryl Tremayne

Emma Jean Horn married John Lincoln, Emma Jean child is Brandon Horn

Susie Bell Jones born 1918 in Mississippi,married Lee Harrison,their children are Rosie Eliza Willie Harold

Rosie Harrison married Thurman Lewis,Their children are Tomeshia Thurman Jr.

Eliza Harrison married Johnny Phillips, their children are Jeffrey and Kimberly / also Eliza  son Antonio Harrison

 Willie L. Harrison married Irene

Harold Wayne Harrison married Sherry,their children are Ashleigh Lynn  Isaiah Zora

Johnny Jones was born in Mississippi,married Annie Ruth Pringle,their children are Sandra Faye Mavern and Arliette

Sandra Faye Jones Noel , her child is Christopher Noel



 Mavern Jones married Herman Lee, child is Javon / also Mavern children Marina Tiffany Ponce


Robert L. Jones Sr. born 1924 in Mississippi, married LouElla McElroy,their children are Sanovia Beverly Robert L Jr. Dezza Raye Bertrand

Sanovia Diane Jones Hayes, children are William Burr and Joshua Hayes

Beverly Joyce Jones married Stanford(Rick) Chapman, their children are Stanford Jr. Amber Cameron

Robert Lee Jones Jr. married Ruth Spenser,/also Robert L. Jr. children  are Robert lll, Zachary Cash Jones and Alejandra Wydermeyer Rocchi

Dezza Raye Jones married Michael Sims,their children are Suscha and Jarek



Esther D. Jones was born in 1927 in Mississippi, married Jake Wallace, their children are Major Allen L. Billie J. Bobbie J. Gerald Teresa Jacqueline 

  Major Allen L. Wallace married Bobbie J. Heidelberg,  their children are John Allen Jr. /also Major Allen L. children are  Diana R.Wilson and Keya Delarge

Billie J Wallace.married Willie newsome,/ also Billie J. child is Shandella Wallace Myles

Bobbie J. Wallace children are Shandell and Alphonso Wallace

Gerald K. Wallace married Angela Lee, their child is Deangelo

Teresa A.Wallace  married Jeffrey R. Moton, their children are Samuel Tenija Tiara Esther 


Annie L. Jones was born in Mississippi in 1929 married David Lofton, their children are Dorothy Regina Patricia all are Craig holly Donald colleen

Dorothy N.Lofton  marreid Johnnie Kellar, their children are Darell and Phyllis

Regina Lofton Jones, child is Annette Lofton Jones

Patricia C. Lofton married Charles Mckay, their child is Charles Jr./ also Patricia C. Lofton Mckay children are  Shontel Timothy Jackson and craig Christopher Quiana David and Joya

Holly Lofton children are Adrian and Moya Lofton

Donald Lofton children are Tameka Robinson Leslie Baker and Donnie Jones

Colleen Lofton married Raymond Hatcher, / also Colleen children are Anthony Ebony Tyrone Nakita Johnson and Yvonne Lopez



Lucille Jones born in Mississippi in 1931 married Clinton Armond, their children are Dorothy Jean, Clinton Jr.,Tammy/ also Lucille child is Ernest Ray Jones

Dorothy Jean Armond married first to John Bland Sr., their children are, John jr, Elizabeth Ashley, Kimberly Tiawana, Nicholas Alexander, / also Dorothy Jean child is Lakeshia Armond, current husband Larry Finch

Edna M. Jones born 1933 in Mississippi, married Mayc lang, their child is Levon Lang

Levon Lang married Karen Williams,/ also Levon children are Deon Nelson and Letundra Bridgett Harrington

John "uncle buddie" Jones born 1890, Alabama, he married Annie Marie Lofton, children lula Bell, Johnnie Kate, Josiah, Rannie Mae, Pauline, Nathaniel, John Daniel, Elizabeth

Lula Bell Jones married Robert Prince

Johnnie Kate Jones, children is Jacquelyn Mays

Elizabeth Jones, child is Shana Lee

Shana Lee, child is Sage 

Isabella Jones born 1891 Alabama, her children are Bessie Lee, Eliza, Vera, O D, Frankie

Bessie Lee Jones, her daughter is Beatrice Jones 

Beatrice Jones married Sport "Cullen" Prince their children are Jimmy, James "Cullen", Willie, Joel 

Edna Jones was born 1892 in Alabama, married  first to James Howard and was later married to Henry W. Smith, the Howard children are baby Howard, Willie, James , Lillie, the Smith children are Woodrow Henry Norman Beatrice Eddie

Lillie Howard married J.B.Blanton ,their child was "Joe" Joseph Blanton Jr., later married John Byrd
Joesph Blanton Jr. married Cora, their child is Wylola Blanton, also Joesph Blanton Jr. children are Dain, Everett and Kurt Blanton
 Wylola Blanton daughter is  Myesa Jacobs
James Howard b.1910 Married Thelma Parker  May 4, 1942, Age 31 in Birmingham,  Alabama, Died Oct 1974 in Mobile, Alabama
 Woodrow Smith married Willie Bell Lee, their children are Wille James Woodrow Jr.. John Henry Mary Lee Tommie Lee Nathaniel Calvin

 Willie James Smith; his children, Ronald,Tammy and Thomas Smith


 Woodrow smith Jr. his daughter is Dr. Cynthia Marie Smith she married Dr.Craig Leon Frisby


John Henry Smith,his children Daryl Smith, son Yuri Smith,his daughter Afra Smith and son Mastaki Smith, daughter Akoua Johnique Smith, son John Ganvie Smith.


Mary Lee Smith married Samuel Carey Sr. their children are, Samuel Jr. Micheal

Samuel Carey Jr. married Mia Murphy and their children, Jevonte Simpson Carey, Samuel Carey lll, Cedric Devon Carey.
Micheal Carey married Lanett Samuels

Tommie Lee Smith married GloriaWilliams and their children Talisha Smith Moore, Alisha smith James, and Anita Smith.


Nathaniel Smith, his daughter, Roberta Smith


Calvin Smith, his children Quenita Smith Bumper, Tiffany Smith Jackson, and Kenneth Smith

Norman Smith married Ella Mae Nelson, their children are Harold J. Geraldine  Larry Linda D. Margaret Norman E. Jr. Rosemary
Norman E. Smith married Mary Lou, their daughter is
Sharon L. Smith

Geraldine Smith married Fulton L. Matthews
Margaret A. Smith married Gordy White, Margaret A. son is
Terrell Smith

Larry W. Smith married Darlene M. Brown , children Dietrich Brown (step-son) Dania Brown (step-daughter) Derrick W. Smith , also Larry's daughter Tonia B. Campbell

Harold J. Smith married Patricia

Beatrice Smith married Willie Pringle their children is Faye, Preston and Kenneth, later married Allen Lamar, their child is Allen C. Lamar
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1880 census Edmond and Peggy Jackson Jones and children is listed at the top.
Name: Edmund Jones
Age: 46
Birth Year: abt 1834
Birthplace: Virginia
Home in 1880: Livingston, Sumter, Alabama
Race: Black
Gender: Male
Relation to Head of House: Self (Head)
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Peggy Jones
Father's Birthplace: Virginia
Mother's Birthplace: Virginia
Neighbors: View others on page
Occupation: Farmer
Cannot read/write:


Deaf and dumb:

Otherwise disabled:

Idiotic or insane:
Household Members:
Name Age
Edmund Jones 46
Peggy Jones 38
Laura Jones 15
Matty Jones 13
Wyatt Jones 11
Louisa Jones 8
Emma Jones 6
Edmond Jones Jr.
Joseph Jones 1

A map, the area where Edmond and Peggy Jackson Jones lived
Laura Annie Jones St.Aubin Davis, Laura is the first child of Edmond and Peggy Jackson Jones, who was born in slavery


the 1900 census John and Laura Annie Jones Davis with their children ,they are listed in the middle,Laura is the first child of Edmond and Peggy Jackson Jones


the 1910 census John and Laura Annie Jones Davis with their children ,they are listed in the middle


the 1920 census John and Laura Annie Jones Davis with their children ,they are listed in the middle near the bottom


Mattie Jones Brown is the Second child of Edmond and Peggy Jackson Jones


Emma Jones Bates born 1874 in Sumter, Alabama, Emma married Washington Bates.
Emma is the fifth child of Edmond and Peggy Jackson Jones

 the 1910 census,Joesph Clear and Annie L.Fitch Jones,listed in the middle of the page

the 1920 census,Joesph Clear and Annie L.Fitch Jones and children ,listed on the top of page

the 1930 census,Joesph Clear and Annie L.Fitch Jones,listed on bottom of pageof page

the 1930 census,Joesph Clear and Annie L.Fitch Jones and children ,listed on top of page

the 1940 census

Name:     Annie Jones
Age:     48
Estimated Birth Year:     abt 1892
Gender:     Female
Race:     Negro (Black)
Birthplace:     Mississippi
Marital Status:     Married
Relation to Head of House:     Wife
Home in 1940:     Lauderdale, Mississippi
View Map
Inferred Residence in 1935:     Lauderdale, Mississippi
Residence in 1935:     Same House
Sheet Number:     9B
Neighbors:     View others on page
Household Members:     
Name     Age
Joe Jones     54
Annie Jones     48
Sussie Bell Jones     18
Johnnie Jones     17
Robert Lee Jones     15
Ester Dee Jones     13
Annie Lee Jones     11
Lucile Jones     8
Edna Mae Jones     6
Name:     Joseph Jones     
Last Residence:     Mississippi
Born:     23 Jul 1879
Died:     Jun 1964
State (Year) SSN issued:     Mississippi (1954)

Name:     Annie Jones     
Last Residence:     39364  Toomsuba, Lauderdale, Mississippi, United States of America
Born:     28 Jan 1892
Died:     15 Mar 1968
State (Year) SSN issued:     Mississippi (1965)



The 1930 census John "uncle buddie" and  Annie Marie Lofton Jones, they are listed at the bottom near the middle, John is the eight child of Edmond and Peggy Jackson Jones



Isabella Jones Birth 1891 ,Isabella is the ninth child of Edmond and Peggy Jackson Jones

the 1920 census,Henry W.and Edna Jones Howard Smith,and children listed in the middle of the page

the 1930 census,Henry W.and Edna Jones Howard Smith,and children listed on bottom of the page